American Airways Very Lengthy India Flights

American Airways just lately began flying to India. The airline is experiencing some distinctive issues with this route, which has resulted in very lengthy flight occasions. A type of issues contributed to the flight being diverted to Gander in the present day, so let’s transfer on to the main points.

American Airways’ Russian airspace challenge

American Airways just lately launched a route between New York (JFK) and Delhi (DEL) utilizing a Boeing 777-300ER. At ~7,320 miles, it is a lengthy flight to start with, however it’s even longer as a result of American Airways doesn’t have the precise to make use of Russian airspace on this route.

all the time educated @xJonNYC Reviews that it is because there are solely sure durations the place the Russian authorities accepts functions for the usage of airspace, and I believe the American didn’t make the request on the proper time. That is unusual, as a result of work on this route has been occurring for a very long time. Apparently US administration thought it could be simpler to acquire rights to those airspace because the service makes use of Russian airspace for different routes, however not that a lot.

American Airways particular route between Delhi and New York

The US’s incapability to make use of Russian airspace has prolonged flight occasions to and from India by almost 90 minutes. For instance:

  • United Airways flies between Newark and Delhi utilizing a Boeing 777-300ER, and up to now week the eastbound flight time has been 12hr30min to 13hr18min, whereas the westbound flight time has been 14hr23min to 14hr46min.
  • American Airways flies between New York and Delhi utilizing a Boeing 777-300ER, and up to now week the eastbound flight time has been 14hr21min to 14hr41min, whereas the westbound flight time has been 15hr37min to 16hr6min.

As you possibly can see, it is a important distinction in flight occasions.

American Airways’ Pilots Union Is not Glad

American Airways pilots will not be proud of this new flight to India. Eric Ferguson, president of the Allied Pilots Affiliation (APA), just lately wrote a letter to fellow pilots about how administration is once more attempting to “repair our failures on the backs of our pilots.” Because the letter begins:

“Unhealthy planning on the a part of administration doesn’t represent an emergency on the a part of our pilots.”

Ferguson claims the brand new route has brought on a sequence of contract breaches and “severe misconduct” of flight crew. These failures are primarily as a result of service’s incapability to acquire Russian overflight permission.

Flights of this size have 4 pilots, however flights over 16 hours by US contract have two captains and two first officers (as a substitute of 1 captain and three first officers). All pilots are absolutely skilled to fly the aircraft, so it is all in regards to the cash – captains earn greater than first officers, so the extra captains there are, the extra money is being paid to union members. Is.

American is reportedly manning the flight with a captain and three first officers, claiming that the flight is lower than 16 hours. The union claims this isn’t justified, because the flight typically takes greater than 16 hours as a result of lack of rights to Russian airspace.

American Airways Boeing 777-300ER First Class

The second declare is much more attention-grabbing:

“To mitigate these blatant errors, this morning, crew scheduling referred to as a complete reserve crew – pilots and flight attendants – and handed them to deadhead in Bangor, Maine, so they might sit in reserve in the midst of the night time. In case the departure of the flight to Delhi was delayed and wanted to cease at Bangor for re-dispatch to proceed at JFK. Our contract doesn’t permit airport reserve, not to mention airport reserve off base – interval Wait, wait.”

For individuals who haven’t any clue what that is saying, basically if there’s a delay past a sure threshold, the crew will be unable to function such a protracted flight. Which means the flight will both have to be cancelled, or will have to be operated for a better vacation spot, the place there could also be a change of crew. The latter is usually the extra preferable resolution.

I am undecided what precisely to make of this:

  • Does American actually ever require pilots to be in reserve at airports? And if that’s the case, why would even the pilots have agreed to the duty?
  • Why would it not be essential to ship the crew to Bangor for the final days, since it’s just a few hundred miles from New York? Within the occasion there’s a delay, it appears they will ship a crew solely after the flight leaves Delhi…

American Airways Delhi to New York flight diverted to Gander

As we speak’s American Airways flight from Delhi to New York (AA293) has been fairly an journey. The flight was initially scheduled to depart at 12:55 am, however was delayed by about 4 hours on the time of departure. Because of this, the crew was not capable of function the flight all the best way to New York, and naturally it took longer than essential routing as a result of lack of rights to Russian airspace.

The choice on the time was to cancel the flight or divert it, so it was determined to divert the flight to the (normally sleepy) airport of Gander … to not be confused with Bangor. The aircraft landed there at 10:24 a.m. native time, and it could proceed to New York with a brand new crew.

It seems to be just like the aid crew will arrive from New York on AA9783, a flight operated by an Airbus A321T (at the very least the crew might be comfy, because the aircraft has 30 flat beds). That flight is simply scheduled to reach at 12:15, so it seems to be just like the Gander to New York flight might be delayed much more.

Discuss a expensive diversion – American simply has to fly an A321 roundtrip to Gander to ferry the crew that can serve the previous couple of hours of the flight to New York. Presumably the crew engaged on the Delhi flight would get on the A321 and deadhead for New York on that.

American Airways’ A321T First Class

floor stage

American Airways flight from Delhi to New York was diverted to Gander in the present day. A major departure delay meant that the crew would run out of time, so the choice was to both abort the flight or divert at an intermediate level and alter the crew. The American selected the latter possibility.

The issue is simply compounded by the American’s incapability to make use of Russian airspace, which is making flights for much longer than regular. And that too is making the pilots cranky.

These extremely lengthy haul flights are actually difficult, as important departure delays of any sort can have severe implications for the flexibility of the crew to perform all through the flight.

Troublesome stuff, eh?

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